Size guide

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Don't know how to choose the size for your new belt?

We can give you some simple advice to help you find the right size for your belt or for the person you want to give it to.

Remember that a belt of the right size must close in the third hole , i.e. the central one. This is the most elegant way to wear this accessory. If you can, always avoid adding holes beyond the 5 already available.

You should know that most of our belts can also be shortened by you, so if you are undecided about your size, or that of the person you want to give it to, choose the largest size available . You can shorten it yourself later by following our tutorial .

There are two ways to find the right size:

  • Measure your waist exactly where you will wear the belt
  • Take measurements from an old belt you are currently using

Measure your waist size

To measure your waist, simply use a flexible measuring tape (better than a seamstress' one, but whatever you have available is fine too) and measure the circumference of your pelvis at the point where you will wear the belt.

The number you read will be exactly the size you will need to use to buy your new belt

Measure another belt

If it is not possible to measure your waist, perhaps because you want to give the belt to someone and want to surprise them, you can use an old belt to take the measurement.

First lay out the belt on a flat surface.
Then just place the tape measure at the end of the buckle (more precisely at the point where the pin rests on the buckle) and measure up to the hole you are currently using .

Look at the table

Take the table below as a reference to find out the correspondence between size and waist size .

WAIST (cm) WAIST (inch) CUT
80 31.5” S
85 33.5” M
90 35.5” M
95 37.4” L
100 39.4” L
105 41.3” XL
110 43.3” XL
115 45.3” XXL

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