Who we are

Modena Cathedral

Lagante was born in Modena , Italy, with one goal: to make the quality of a luxury product accessible to everyone.

No compromise on quality . We choose only the best leathers and materials, the same ones used by the most important high fashion brands. We take care of the packaging and shipping and avoid any intermediaries. You will never find our belts in other stores. In this way we reduce all unnecessary costs and increases in order to be able to offer anyone a very high quality belt that can last for years, always beautiful.

The belt factories we collaborate with are the same ones where belts are created for the most important fashion brands. Most of the belts you see worn on the catwalks are produced right here in Modena by our partners. Obviously the cost of that product will be inaccessible to most of us due to the brand that markets it.

The thing we are most proud of is that the artisans decide the price , not us. We have heard too many stories of large companies ranging from small producers to imposing very low production prices, always demanding the highest quality. Sometimes, in order to keep the precious customer, the craftsman works below cost. We respect their work and experience. We explain to them what we want, they tell us how much it will cost.

We also maintain a constant commitment to respecting nature and animals . We only collaborate with certified companies with non-polluting production methods. Our leathers are derived from food production companies. No animal is born to become one of our belts. Furthermore, thanks to careful planning made up of small collections , Lagante sells what it produces, without waste , further reducing the environmental impact, for maximum sustainability.

This is our commitment!