How to store belts

When you're not using it, a belt should be stored properly.
Follow our advice to avoid ruining it and increasing its lifespan.

Belts now go beyond their original purpose of keeping trousers from falling: they are an important accessory of our clothing, like watches, scarves and glasses.

It is essential to store them in the right way when we are not using them, especially if they have a certain economic or sentimental value .

They do hard work but we must treat them delicately as we would with jewelry .

So do you want to know how to store belts the right way?

If you love your belt and want to preserve it in the best way and for as long as possible, I will give you some advice so as not to jeopardize its original appearance.

Do not leave the belt in the trouser loops

Probably a very common mistake .

If we have a cheap belt it might make little difference, it certainly won't be the way of storing it that will extend its life much, but if we have a high-end belt we should pay close attention not to leave the belt in the belt loops of the trousers.

Remember to remove the belt every night before taking off your trousers. It's just a matter of habit, you'll see.

Avoid leaving your belt in your pants

Always leave it hanging

Without a doubt the best way to store your leather belts is to hang them by the buckle .

During daily use it is normal for the belt to take on a slightly arched shape. Leaving it hanging helps restore it to its original shape.

Belt holder

They hang on the clothes rail, or wherever you prefer. There are various types and you can find them at very low prices .

belt holder

This model below can be convenient for those belts with particular buckles that cannot be fastened.

Use coat hangers

You already have some in your closet, why not take advantage of them?.

It may be a good idea if you have no alternative or until you organize yourself in another way.

Use a coat hanger as a belt holder

Belt ring

A variant of the previous belt holders. It has the advantage of taking up less space for a greater number of belts, but it may be more inconvenient to take the ones that are in the middle.

belt ring

Take advantage of the space of the doors

The inside of closet doors is the best place to organize belts and ties. There are small racks with various slots for belts or any other accessories.

belt holder for the wardrobe door

Apply hooks

You don't need too much elbow grease to assemble them and the result is truly the best .

You can find them at hardware or home improvement stores.

With one or two short screws you apply them to the wardrobe door and make the most of the unused space, adapting them as you see fit. Adhesive ones can also work, but check the seal.

You can use hooks to hang them on closet doors

Roll up the belt

It's fine if you have a belt made of fabric or plastic materials, but it's not a good idea if you have a good, expensive leather belt .

An exception can be made if you have to transport it in a suitcase , without forgetting its cotton bag to protect it.

Roll up a belt

To roll up a belt, remember to start from the buckle , which will therefore remain inside, to prevent it from accidentally scratching or damaging a point that will be visible when you put it on.

It is also useful for protecting the buckle itself.

Also remember not to make it too tight. Once put back in the bag, let it expand inside.

Belt pouch

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